The Elsie M. Carper Prize for Outstanding Senior Research Essay

Awarded annually to a graduating American Studies major who has exhibited extraordinary research and writing abilities, this prize honors pioneering Washington Post reporter and editor Elsie M. Carper (1919-2007), a 1941 alumna of our undergraduate program.  The recipients of the prize since its inception in 2003 are:

Kevin Kelly, "Dismantling the 'Debut' of Machu Picchu in US American Culture: The Transnational Commodification of Andean Peru in the 19th and early 20th centuries"

Chelsey Faloona, "I'm Just Trying to Protect My Stacks, Mitt Romney Don't Pay No Tax: Racial Politics of Contemporary Hip-Hop in 'Color-blind' America"


Clara Hanson, "Fighting the System from the Inside: SLDN's Survival Guide to Maintaining Queer Identity within the case against DADT"

Rebecca Reeves, “Cultivating Christian Identity: Sustainable Food Movement in the American Christian Community”

Catherine Tatum, “Looking for Pin Action in the Alleys: Changing America and the Postwar Bowling Boom”

Amanda Pacitti, “Yay Me! and Yay Us!  Cultural Insularity and the Vilification of Upper Class Wealth and Working Class Subservience in Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Katherine Doland, “Why American Teenagers Got ‘Grim ‘n’ Gritty’:  Explaining the Popularity of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns in the Eighties” (co-winner)

Libby Ellsworth-Kasch, “The Commodification of Authenticity:  Graffiti in the Marketplace” (co-winner)

Kim Painter, “From Urban Renewal to Hope VI:  Resident Relocation, Community Activism, and the Arthur Capper and Carrollsburg Public Housing Dwellings”

Tanisha Creed, “Submerging Blackness/Increasing Profitability: Black Female Identity in Essence” (co-winner)

Skye Humphries, “Liberating and Regimenting the Body: Taming the ‘Animal’ Dances” (co-winner)

John Thayer, “Investigatory Justice or Pop Entertainment: A Reception Study of the 9/11 Commission Report

Jackie Fludd, “Black to Brown: Shifting Realities of Race and Ethnicity in Columbia Heights” (co-winner)

Andrew Phillips, “Shaved Heads, Colored Skins: Reimagining the Skinhead Without Politicized Aesthetics” (co-winner)

Evelyn Furia, “Raise the Roof: Low-Income Housing Institute’s Innovative Approach to Homelessness and Affordable Housing” (co-winner)

Alison Schiebelhut, “Galloping Toward Coherence: The Arabian Horse Show as a Postmodern Community of Display” (co-winner)