Graduate Programs

The Department of American Studies offers students the following academic choices:

Common areas of research include:

  • Cultural History & Cultural Studies
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Transnational American Studies
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Urban Studies & Historic Preservation
  • Religion & Politics
  • Public Culture & Performance

AMST 3950.11– NYC: An Environmental History

NYC: An Environmental History

Patrick Nugent W, 3:30-6:00

This course will historicize the ecological, social, and political landscape of New York City. Developing an environmental history of the metropolis, the class will trace the development of parks, landfills, water systems, transportation infrastructures, zoning codes, and residential communities. It will also engage a number of fields and approaches helpful in engaging debates surrounding the “natural world,” including environmental justice, political ecology, and the history of science. Coursework will encourage students to historicize a specific urban landscape of their choosing, say a park, pier, highway, or marshland. Accumulating a series of assignments—from audio recordings and digital mapping exercises to traditional papers and presentations—the class will collectively produce an environmental walking tour of the city available to an online public.