Mergen-Palmer Lecture 2021: History as an Organizing Tool in the Domestic Workers Movement

Mergen-Palmer Lecture 2021 flyer

History as an Organizing Tool in the Domestic Workers Movement

Three speakers -- Premilla Nadasen (Professor of History, Barnard College), Monique Tú Nguyen (Executive Director of the Matahari Women Workers Center in Boston), and Jennifer Guglielmo (Associate Professor of History, Smith College) -- will explore how historical memory and storytelling have inspired and continue to empower the domestic workers movement, past and present. This includes reflection on the ways digital humanities offers exciting new opportunities for collaboration between scholars and organizers in the movement. 

This annual lecture is named in honor of two former faculty members, Dr. Bernard Mergen, professor emeritus of American Studies, and Dr. Phyllis Palmer, professor emeritus of American Studies and Women’s Studies. Both professors played a major role as scholars and teachers at the George Washington University, and shared a broad interest in American Studies as a field, as well as specific interests in sustainability, food studies, and the environment.

Sponsored by the Department of American Studies

This lecture will be recorded. 

Thursday, April 8th