Shannon Davies Mancus

Shannon Davies Mancus is a Ph.D. Candidate who entered the program in fall of 2009. Her dissertation, "Appealing to Better Natures: Genre and the Politics of Performance in the American Environmental Movement, 1990 – Present" examines the political implications of how different genres act as structuring mechanisms for narratives that compete to define the moral and philosophical parameters of the modern environmental movement. She is particularly interested in how those genres influence performances and media framing. Her teaching experience includes acting as a GTA for a range of classes including "Film and Politics," "US Media & Cultural History," and "Introduction to the Arts in America," and Modern American Cultural History. She has also worked as a teaching artist for the Women's Project (based in Manhattan) which involved helping at-risk teenagers write, develop, and perform anti-violence theatre pieces. She is also the Director of the American Studies Film Club. Conference presentations include “The Only Sheriff in Town: Genre as a Performative Framework in Whale Wars” at the American Society of Theatre Research Annual Conference in November of 2012  and "Social Capital and Green Debt: How the Logic of the Makeover Failed No Impact Man" at the American Studies Association Annual Conference in November of 2013.