BA in American Studies

Students in the American Studies major analyze the society, culture, and politics of the United States from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on history, cultural analysis, art and architecture, public policy, and folklore studies, among others. Students are introduced to key concepts in the analysis of culture and society through a set of core courses.

Required Courses for New Majors Only:

Requirements for the Major

AMST 2010 - Early American Cultural History

AMST 2011Modern American Cultural History

AMST 3900 - Critiquing Culture

AMST 3901 - Examining America

AMST 4500 - Proseminar in American Studies

Five additional AMST courses, no more than two of which may be at the 1000-level.                                      

AMST 1000 - Dean's Seminar 

AMST 1050 - Explorations In American Culture 

AMST 1070 - The American Cinema

AMST 1100 - Politics and Film

AMST 1160 - Race, Gender, and Law

AMST 1200 - The Sixties in America 

AMST 2000 - Sophomore Colloquium 

AMST 2020 - Washington, DC: History, Culture and Politics

AMST 2020W - Washington, DC: History, Cutlure and Politics*

AMST 2071 - Introduction to the Arts in Americ

AMST 2120W - Freedom in American Though and Popular Culture*

AMST 2125 - Varieties of Feminist Theory 

AMST 2144 - Explorations in Historical Geography 

AMST 2210 - The African American Experience

AMST 2320 - U.S. Media and Cultural History 

AMST 2350 - U.S. Religion and Politics 

AMST 2380 - Sexuality in U.S. History 

AMST 2385 - Sex and Citizenship

AMST 2385W - Sex and Citizenship*

AMST 2410 - Twentieth Century US Immigration

AMST 2430 - Capitalism and Culture 

AMST 2440 - The American City 

AMST 2440W - The American City* 

AMST 2490 - Themes in US Cultural History  

AMST 2490W - Themes in US Cultural History*

AMST 2495 - Special Topics in African American History 

AMST 2520 - American Architecture

AMST 2521 - American Architecture II

AMST 2533 - Material Culture in America 

AMST 2600 - US Popular Music and Culture 

AMST 2610 - Science, Technology and Politics In Modern America 

AMST 2610W - Science, Technology and Politics In Modern America*

AMST 2620 - Human Mind and Artifical Intellegence 

AMST 2630  - Discovering The Mind

AMST 2680W- Hashtag America 

AMST 2710 - The United States in Global Context, 1898-present

AMST 2730- World War II In History and Memory 

AMST 2730W - World War II In History and Memory*

AMST 2750W -  Latinos in the United States*

AMST 3151- American Art in the Age of Revolution 

AMST 3152 - American Art in the Era of National Expansion

AMST 3351 - US Social History 

AMST 3352 - US Women's History to 1865

AMST 3352W -  US Women's History to 1865*

AMST 3353 - US Women's History II

AMST 3360 - African American History to 1865

AMST 3361 - African American History Since 1865

AMST 3362 - African American Women's History 

AMST 3362W - African American Women's History*

AMST 3367 - The American Jewish Experience

AMST 3810 -  Planning Cities 

AMST 3811 -  Historical Archaeology

AMST 3835 - Historical Archaeology Field Program

AMST 3950 - Special Topics

AMST 3950W - Special Topics

AMST 4400 - Independent Study 

AMST 4450 - Internship

AMST 4701W - Epidemics in American History 

AMST 4702W - Race, Medicine and Public Health 

*satisfies WID requirement

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Anayeli Nuñez featured in GW Today

Anayeli Nunez

Congratulations to Anayeli for being featured in GW Today. She is a junior American Studies major and recent recipient of the Luther Rice Fellowship. The article, titled "How I Got the Job: Finding an Internship Connection" details how she was able to blend her love of History with Spanish speaking skills at an internship with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Congratulations Anayeli! You can view the article here.