Combined BA/MA in American Studies

Undergraduate majors may apply in their junior year to the combined BA/MA program in American Studies. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.7 or above in American Studies courses or a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. To apply, the following items must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS):

* Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Program Application for Admission

* Statement of purpose (500 words) describing the applicant’s intellectual interests and academic goals.

* Recommendation letter written by an American Studies professor who can provide an informed assessment of the applicant’s work. This letter should be sent directly by the recommender to the Director of Graduate Studies.

All application materials must be received by March 1 of the applicant’s junior year.


BA degree requirements (120 credits)

MA degree requirements (30 credits for the General Studies).

The completion of these requirements will be expedited by allowing students to double-count some graduate coursework toward both the BA and the MA degrees. BA/MA students in the General Studies track may take 6 credits of graduate coursework (2 courses) during the undergraduate degree which will be counted toward both the BA and the MA degrees.

Once the student has completed the BA, s/he then completes the remaining coursework required for the MA: 24 additional credits (8 courses) for the General Studies focus. These credits are usually completed by taking one full-time year of graduate coursework (at 3 courses per semester), plus additional summer courses after the senior year and/or the first year of full-time graduate study.

Professor Receives Rave Reviews

Professor of American Studies Richard Longstreth received rave reviews from the Washington Times for his book The American Department Store Transformed: 1920-1960.