Jeffrey C. Kasch Foundation Research Trip: Craig Allen

I am particularly thankful for the timely and generous Kasch funding that allowed me to accomplish this research so vital to my project. I researched the David K.E. Bruce and C. Douglas Dillon papers at the Virginia Historical Society (Richmond, VA) and the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University (New York City, NY) respectively. Messrs. Bruce and Dillon each served as United States ambassadors to France and as such acted as the "Operational/Tactical-level" authorities for the various American intelligence agencies operating in Paris during their tenures.  The Bruce papers proved to be a veritable goldmine of information about the nature of his personal involvement with the American intelligence-gathering agencies under his auspices in Paris. As such, this provided me with a good amount of primary source material with which to make stronger assertions about the nature of the “specter of surveillance” in postwar Paris. The Dillon papers were less voluminous but did allow me to confirm my informed suspicion about why President Eisenhower selected him to serve as Ambassador to France.