Undergraduate students analyze the society, culture and politics of the United States from an interdisciplinary perspective. Classes incorporate history, cultural analysis, art and architecture, public policy, folklore studies and the intersections of race, ethnicity and other identities. In contrast to traditional disciplines, American Studies can be a “discovery major” — students often take one of our popular courses and discover their passion for the liberal arts.

Students may choose to major or minor in American Studies; in either case, they are introduced to key concepts through a set of core courses.


    "I entered college with every intent of being a journalism major — but after my Intro to American Studies class everything changed."

    Shari Newman Diamond
    BA ’05

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    Helping Spanish Speakers at U.S. Immigration Services

    Anayeli Nuñez (BA ’19) combined her love of history with her Spanish-speaking skills during an internship with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.